Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

J4G.......Just 4 Grandmas

Willy Awards

Ok so my guilt has overtook me and I'm going
to recap the past few months with my top
Williams moments.  I'm calling them the Willy
awards.  In order to obtain this prestigious honor,
one must in some way truly represent our white
trashness in a way that "willy" brings out our "one
of these things is not like the others" kind of feel.

Crying over your husband losing his gotee...."willy?"

Telling your sons they look cool in bug glasses...."willy?"

Encouraging a perfectly good young man to perform
the Napolean Dynamite dance wherever he goes...."willy?"

Dressing your kid in that's good

Encouraging your kid to use his food for
funny photo opps....."willy?"

Getting 3 of your good friends to dress up as
80's aerobics chicks and run a 5k....."Willy?"

Posing your child with coordinating socks and 
hat and pretending you work at kiddie kandids...."willy?"

Just another day at our house........

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 Months Old

5 Months Old!  Don't I make you want
to drool?  Actually. my Mom says
we are going to bottle all my slobber
and start selling it on Ebay.  By the 
time I'm six-months old everyone in
America will have some.  I make that 

Carrots anyone?  I tried carrots for
the first time.  Now that I'm 5 I'll
be eating stuff like peaches, pears,
squash, hamburgers.  We'll see...

Now that I'm 5 my Daddy does tricks with 
me.  Sometimes I do back flips, spin
kicks, and head spins.  I'm pretty much

Friday, August 28, 2009

"You want a piece of this....?"

Sawyer decided he want to suit up and get
back at Jace.  

Are you ready for some football!

Luke's first football game!  He looked
so tough in his uniform.  He is one
of the biggest and fastest kids on the
team.  Their first game was August 22nd.
Westlake vs. American Fork.

What's up Coach.!  Troy is Luke's 
coach and is so good!  Sawyer is
already showing signs of wanting
to play with a pigskin.  He begged
me to put him in a Raiders jersey
and doo rag.  I finally gave in.....but
don't worry too much....we are still
Bronco fans!